Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Random Dreams When You Are Ill

It may be me but as I lay in bed, asleep, with my man flu, my dreams were very random with a great deal of hallucination in there as well because at one point, I was floating over the popular children’s TV's Lazy Town, putting for sale signs on all of the houses while random music from the show was going on in my head and I was just wandering if anyone else has very strange dreams when they are ill?


Speroni said...

I find I have the weirdest dreams when I get drunk a few days in a row, and then the first night I sleep sober. That first sober night is usually bizzare. Also it tends to be a Tuesday.

In one dream I went to Mars because we had destroyed the Earth, but I was the only one who made it. Then I met this girl on Mars and her parents made really good fried chicken, but they didn't like me. It turned out that they had magic powers, but I was to Mars what Superman is to Earth so I had super powers of my own, and there was an epic battle.